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In-depth Changes in the Real Estate Profession
To help brokers focus on their core business – namely client relations and the sale of real estate properties – Deep Flow Realty aims to:

  • Spare real estate agents laborious drafting,
  • Speed up the online ad submission process,
  • Reduce costs associated with ad publication,
  • Improve real estate agents’ business performance.

To this end, we have developed software that automatically generates text for the real estate industry.
Deep Flow Realty helps real estate professionals every day by writing relevant ads in their place.

Savings at Every Level

Our innovative text generator saves you hours of drafting so that you can focus on what you do best – making your clients happy!
By instantly creating real estate ads, Deep Flow Realty speeds up digital processes for brokers.

The writing speed of the ads shortens the bidding process: with more time on their hands, brokers can focus on client relations and the sale of real estate properties.
The time saved results in permanent, significant economies of scale for real estate professionals, with increased mark-up and optimized time management.

Deep Flow Realty will forever change the way real estate professionals work.

How It Works

Deep Flow creates real estate ads from the data you provide in your real estate software.
Send us your raw data and watch it turn into search-engine optimized and human-friendly texts.

The resulting texts can then be published in one or several media.

We also welcome your feedback to improve Deep Flow Realty and make it more relevant to you.

An Agile Solution Tailored to Your Needs

Designed with the real estate industry in mind, Deep Flow Realty can be easily integrated into software, stores and data interfaces.

Deep Flow Realty can be used with any real estate software thanks to our technology partnership with Immo Square, a provider of innovative solutions for real estate professionals.
Immo Square also makes our technology available in the stores of the software publishers we have partnered with.

To request the integration of Deep Flow Realty into your software or data interface, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
Would you like to implement our technology
in your information system?
Get in touch with us!
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We automate natural language content creation
We automate natural language content creation
Our technology and know-how can be transferred to other fields and other languages.

If you are interested in one of the following topics:
  • An English version for France or the world
  • A French version for other countries
  • A version for vacation rentals
or if you have other content creation needs, get in touch with us.
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