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Time, Cost, Content Uniformity
In practice, advertising a property on the Internet can be costly for real estate professionals.

Publishing real estate ads

The time spent drafting ads as well as the costs associated with listing syndication, a showcase website, technical needs, and search-engine optimization quickly add up.
  • Time
Writing an ad is a time-consuming, low added-value task that diverts agents from their core business – customer relations.
While the commercial component of a real estate broker’s job includes many tasks, a broker’s priority is always to be available for their clients and spend time with them.
  • Listing Syndication
To make sure their ads reach buyers, brokers have them published on hundreds of websites at a time, each with its own pricing policy.
Some websites offer subscriptions while others have less predictable models with a cost per thousand views (CPT), per click (CPC), per lead (CPL), etc.
This process of real estate listing syndication has its own cost as well.
  • A Showcase Website
For real estate brokers, having their own showcase website and keeping it up-to-date is also essential.
Website design and maintenance can be expensive, whether these tasks are outsourced or done internally.
  • Technical Needs
Drafting and publishing ads requires a number of technical resources.
In addition to computers, tablets and smartphones, professionals need to invest in a network infrastructure, website hosting, real estate software, data mapping, etc.
  • Search-Engine Optimization (SEO)
Optimizing real estate ads to get them to rank high in search engines is a complex, expensive task.
Different strategies can be used to increase a website’s visibility, such as keyword acquisition, copywriting, link building and inbound marketing.
Each of these requires a budget that can be significant – especially when one seeks to rank #1 in search engines.

Writing real estate ads

  • A Laborious Task
Drafting ads can take a lot of time, especially when real estate agents keep getting interrupted.
Spontaneous phone calls or visits from buyers and sellers, as well as urgent matters related to on-going sales, often take precedence over this lower-priority task.
Such interruptions increase drafting time and can be detrimental to an ad’s quality.
  • Tedious Work
An integral part of the real estate bidding process, writing ads is tedious work.
While, in theory, every property is unique, describing several one-bedroom apartments or single-family homes in a row can turn out to be repetitive and monotonous.
The inspiration needed to draft varied real estate ads doesn’t always strike.
  • Content Uniformity
In France alone, such texts describing real estate properties are duplicated across over 1,000 websites.
Such uniformity causes search engines to consider these ads less relevant than others – if not irrelevant.
Clearly, real estate agents don’t have time to write 1,000 different texts for every single property.

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